6 tips for a cooler rental this summer

If you ever wondered how Vancouver really felt about the recent heat dome you need to simply look at the fact that the city’s hotel rooms were booked to full occupancy the last week and the only amenity that guests were interested in was air-conditioning. Now, for those of us that decided that three hundred dollars a night were better spent elsewhere or for those of us that wished we had friends with pools in their backyards here are six tips that will help you finesse the heat this summer and keep your rental cool without breaking the bank.

Tip 1: When one door closes…
Keeping the doors of unused rooms closed will prevent cold air from filling these areas and allow you to maximize your ‘cool’ in the places you spend most of your time. The opposite can be done at times when temperatures are the lowest (usually at night) by letting air flow naturally through your home and in turn creating a pleasant ambient feel throughout your space.

Tip 2: A rebel with a cause
If you are one of those blessed renters with a ceiling fan in your home it may help to know that it needs to be adjusted seasonally. If you set it to run counter clockwise during the summer months and have it at a higher speed then the fan’s airflow will create a breeze effect similar to a wind chill that you will be sure to love (try it and thank us later!)

Tip 3: Goodbye, nosey neighbours!
Let’s face it, South-facing homes are great and you loved reading that in the rental listing…until the summer hit. Did you know that approximately 30% of unwanted heat comes from your windows and utilizing shades or curtains can save you up to 7% on bills and lower indoor temperatures by up to twenty degrees? Now you do! So go ahead and close those blinds to prevent your home from becoming a greenhouse and enjoy a newfound sense of privacy.

Tip 4: May the force be with you
Being mindful about our own body instead of lamenting about the temperature in a home can go a long way towards you keeping your cool this summer. Simple hacks like sipping icy drinks, cold compresses to your wrists and neck and dressing for the summer even when indoors are great, cost effective ways to beat the heat and, more importantly, easy to control and keep consistent.

Tip 5: Fire up that grill so you can chill.
We know you know this but using your oven or stove will make your house hotter during the summer months. We recommend using an outdoor grill instead so if you have had your eye on that Weber then go ahead and bring it home to keep your internal temperatures low and make it a summer of barbeques! Another advantage is that you will now also get more usage from all that expensive patio furniture you picked last summer.

Tip 6: Let’s put this heat to bed
We all know that a hot summer night can make sleeping a pretty unpleasant experience. If there is no A/C in sight or your kids stole your fan, then incorporating a few simple tricks may help keep you well rested. Put an ice pack under your pillow while you sleep or fill a water bottle and put it in the freezer before placing it at the foot of your bed for your feet. Lastly, we know this is a bit strange, but the internet even recommends slightly dampening your sheets and putting them in the freezer for a few minutes before bedtime.

In conclusion, we can all agree the summer is a fantastic time of the year that is welcomed with open arms. Still, with many rentals in Vancouver not having access to air conditioning it can make the season quite challenging when it comes to enjoying your home (and there are only so many misted patios that one can escape to) so our heartfelt hope is that the simple tips we have shared help you beat the heat and have you chilling all summer long.

Will I get my home back the way it was?

We understand how scary the thought of a damaged home is and we care about protecting your valuable asset. While wear and tear is to be expected when renting out your home; what forms as an excessive amount and who is responsible for it is our job to determine, a job that we do very well.


It starts with placing the right tenant and with our years of combined experience managing basement suites to luxury estates we have proven processes in place such as comprehensive screening processes, preventative maintenance trackers, rigorous inspections and condition reports to ensure you receive your home back in the best condition possible. In the rare event that it is not the case, we will work tirelessly alongside to guide you through the legal avenues available ensuring you get what is owed to you.


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